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Goshen Brewing Company

Project Information

Owner: Goshen Brewing Company

Location: Goshen, IN

Original 2012 Project Size: 4,362 sq. ft.

2017 Addition Size: 1,300 sq. ft.

Goshen Brewing Company is a family-friendly brewpub/restaurant in Goshen, IN.  Cripe Design recycled a former historic Electric Transformer Building to provide a comfortable environment to eat, drink and socialize with an industrial flair.  The original building consisted of a very tall subterranean space with a small mezzanine and second floor level.  Cripe Design very carefully squeezed in and turned the tall space into two levels.  The lowest level functions as the brewing/storage space, the second level is a dining/seating area with a glassed-in two-story space overlooking the brewing area below.  The top level is the Kitchen/Office space.  Food is transported to the dining level via dumb-waiters.  The original project included a very popular outdoor patio space.  The most recent addition turned the outdoor space into a covered additional dining/bar area with several glass overhead doors that can be opened, in appropriate weather, to expand and connect the party atmosphere to new exterior patio spaces.  Goshen Brewing Company has been recognized as one of the fastest growing and successful businesses in the Goshen area and voted one of the top brewers in the State of Indiana.