urban planning


A master plan was developed for a new green space corridor along the banks of the Elkhart River, in downtown Elkhart, Indiana. The master plan featured new information kiosks, pedestrian bridges, sculpted lawns, colorful gardens, large outdoor amphitheater, ice rink and pavilion, river edge walkways, and new parking. As part of the master plan study, a 1/8 inch scale model of the entire area bordering the parkway was constructed. The parkway titled "Elkhart Riverwalk Commons" included a four city block long Central Park and was designed to be constructed in three phases. The completed first Phase, includes a new pedestrian walkway along the east bank of the Elkhart River. Phase two, which has also been completed, includes a new Ice rink/path and interactive water feature with associated ancillary buildings. Phase three west bank green space and general parking has been studied in several subsequent iterations but has not yet been developed.


A new 950 foot long extension of an existing pedestrian path along the east bank of the Elkhart River, in downtown Elkhart, connects an existing pedestrian bridge to a scenic river waterfall. The new Riverwalk includes six features, the most important being a new pedestrian bridge threaded thru the under-structure of an existing vehicular bridge. The Riverwalk extension also includes an abutment for a future pedestrian bridge to span the river and provide an unobstructed panoramic view of the waterfall.